Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Week 5 - #10
I had great time at I created a my own MM and named it. I registered and saved my image. I need to learn how to add it to this post.

Week 4 - 8 & 9
Just set up Bloglines account for the news that I like to read on the web.
I also very much enjoyed the "Unshelved" and learn how to add it to my Bloglines.

Week 3
Today I learn about Flickr mashups, choose a picture from Flicker and post it on my Blog.
I also read the Wikipedia description of the mashups*.

Lago Titicaca, Pôr-do-Sol 06

It's interesting to see other people pictures. I'm posting this one since I like it. I just hope that one day I can upload my own pictures and share it with others. I'm able to edit my photos from the digital camera and it's fun. You can take so many pictures and not to worry if they will be good. You just pick the ones you like.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Learning new things

I thing it is never too late to learn new things. I'm not sure I'll be posting blogs on the web, but I'll will not wonder any more what the blog is. I learn best by "show and tell". Doing this learning program on my own and finding time is not easy. Excuse my grammar, writing about it is hard since the English is my second language. I'm at the step four and hope to finish the whole program.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do I remember?

One phone call and our life changed. Now we have two more people living in our house.
One of them is five month old baby boy. He keeps us constantly wondering if his mother(our daughter) or our son did also do all these things he does. My husband and I keep trying to remember. Our grandson is very happy baby. He almost never wake us up, but our days are very different now. Every day we can see him learning new things and we wonder what he will do next. Our daughter is not as happy as her baby, but we are glad to have them here. I love to play with our grandson every morning before I go to work. He has the most wonderful smile.
We wish that everything will work out well for our daughter, but now, even though is selfish, we are happy to have the baby in our home